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Free Dr. Pepper

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1 Free Dr. Pepper on Sat Nov 22, 2008 2:49 am

I've been holding on to this so everyone remembers to get a free dr pepper.

Once upon a time, Axl was like I'm gonna release chinese democracy and it'll rape your faces off! Dr pepper was like yeeeeah ok, and the day that happens we'll hand out free soda for everyone!! LOOOOLS well it's actually coming out, TOMORROW (sunday, the 23rd), and dr pepper is holding up their promise and everyone lived happily ever after the end.

check this out

buckethead and slash dont get a free soda, not that they'll actually stop them from getting a free soda, if i was them i'd buy cases of dr pepper and stand on my roof shooting them out of the sky, one at a time, all day long. and/or buying all gnr's new cds at local stores and doing the same

I'm honestly more excited for the dr. pepper than the album

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